April 20, 2024

IAF to display prowess at Singapore Air Show 2024

Singapore Air Show 2024 to kick off from 24 – 25 February to cheer incredible aerobatic flying teams.

Singapore Air Show 2024 to kick off from 24 – 25 February to cheer incredible aerobatic flying teams.

In a dazzling display of aviation prowess, a contingent of 71 personnel from the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) renowned Sarang Helicopter Display Team has landed at the Paya Lebar Air Base in Singapore. The arrival marks the team’s participation in the highly anticipated Singapore Air Show 2024, set to kick off on February 20 and conclude on February 24.

Singapore Airshow 2024 is packed with activities. There is a lineup of activities for a colourful weekend, from airshow meet-and-greet with Singapore Airshow mascots Leo and Leonette to crafting eco-friendly airplane. You must visit the Changi Exhibition Centre early to enjoy a full day of fun.

The Sarang Helicopter Display Team, initially formed in 2003, is set to enthrall spectators with their spectacular aerobatic maneuvers using five Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH), also known as ‘Dhruv.’ The induction of these agile helicopters was executed with precision using the IAF’s C-17 Globemaster III heavy lift transport aircraft.

Notably, the Sarang team made its international debut in 2004 at the Asian Aerospace Show in Singapore. What started as a three-helicopter formation has evolved into a thrilling five-helicopter display, showcasing their skills at over 1200 displays across more than 385 venues globally.

The ‘Dhruv’ helicopter, designed and conceived by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, is an all-weather, multi-mission capable helicopter. Featuring rigid, hinge-less rotors, the ALH MK-I variant flown by the Sarang team offers exceptional maneuverability, especially suited for military roles. The ‘Dhruv’ family includes other variants such as ALH Mk-II, ALH MK-III, and the latest armed version, ALH MK IV.

The biennial Singapore Air Show 2024 is set to witness various aerial displays from participants around the world, providing a platform for cutting-edge aviation technologies and fostering international collaboration in the field of aerospace. The Sarang Helicopter Display Team’s presence adds an exciting dimension to the showcase, promising an unforgettable experience for aviation enthusiasts and spectators alike.

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