April 21, 2024

Biden’s comparison of Hamas attack to Holocaust signals strong US position

US President Joe Biden compares Hamas attack to Holocaust, making it a strong case in favour of Israel.

US President Joe Biden compares Hamas attack to Holocaust.

US President Joe Biden compares Hamas attack to Holocaust. (Image: POTUS)

In a significant statement, US President Joe Biden likened the Hamas attack on Israel to the gravity of the Holocaust. During an interview with CBS News 60, aired on October 15, he stated that it was the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust. This strong stance from a US President is uncommon, but not surprising given the longstanding US support for Israel.

These words take on added weight considering Israel’s preparations for its largest ground offensive against Hamas. International affairs expert P C Shankar noted that Biden’s statement indicates a clear endorsement of Israel’s forceful response to Hamas, acknowledging the potential high toll among Palestinians.

Biden also emphasized a distinction between the deaths of Palestinians in Israeli attacks and Israelis killed by Hamas. While the US typically urges caution when Israel engages Gaza, Shankar believes that the killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas has altered the dynamics.

US President Joe Biden (centre) discusses the Gaza crisis. (Image X: POTUS)

From Biden’s statement, it is evident that he has granted his approval for Israel to pursue Hamas terrorists, effectively providing them with a broad mandate. In a way, Biden’s statement aligns with the sentiments of others worldwide who support a robust Israeli counterattack in response to the Hamas assault.

During his CBS News 60 interview, Biden advocated a firm stance for Israel, emphasizing the need to target Hamas. He criticized Hamas for using civilians as shields, placing their headquarters among civilian areas. He expressed confidence that Israelis will do their utmost to avoid harming innocent civilians while taking action against Hamas.

Biden posted on his official X account, “Hate never goes away. It only hides. And one week ago, we saw hate manifest in the worst massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust. We must reject it in every form.”

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