July 16, 2024

BOP Realty introduces ‘BOP Gold’ real estate for HNIs

India’s leading real estate consultancy BOP Realty Private Limited has unveiled its latest venture, BOP GOLD.

Gaurav Mavi, Co-founder of BOP Group

Gaurav Mavi, Co-founder of BOP Group

BOP Realty Private Limited, one of India’s leading real estate consultancy players, has unveiled its latest venture, “BOP Gold” in Delhi & Noida. Tailored exclusively for High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), BOP Gold offers a unique and premium real estate experience, backed by over 16 years of industry expertise.

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With a remarkable track record of serving alongside major real estate players such as DLF, Jaypee, and Gaurs, BOP Gold brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. The company takes pride in presenting a distinguished lineup of premium projects that include Gaur World Smart Street, Gaur Island, Gaur Trecento Residences, GOLDEN – I in Greater Noida, and Sawasdee in Delhi. Each of these projects is carefully curated to offer HNI customers an environment that aligns with their unique aspirations.

BOP Gold stands out with its distinct advantages, including exclusive opportunities for investors and end users. The company collaborates with Grade A Developers from India and Dubai to bring the finest projects to HNI clients. A 24/7 dedicated concierge help desk ensures that clients receive top-notch support at all times. Due diligence is at the core of BOP Gold’s operations, and clients can access exclusive pre-launch opportunities designed for exceptional capital appreciation. The company boasts a highly skilled and experienced Real Estate Portfolio Management Team, guiding clients through every step of the buying journey. The core team members responsible for the development of BOP Gold include Gaurav Mavi, Ankush kadyan, Manik Anand, Saurav, Sachin and Prince Mavi.

BOP Gold commenced in August 2023, offering HNI customers an exceptional opportunity to explore these premium projects. The venture is accessible in the digital space, and it is physically based out in Sector 136 of Noida Expressway. For those interested in learning more about BOP Gold and its premium offerings, a 24/7 dedicated helpline number(+91 9167656565). Additionally, the BOP Gold team can be reached on WhatsApp and phone at any time of the day, ensuring seamless and prompt support.

Mr. Gaurav Mavi, Co-founder of BOP Group, expressed his commitment to the future: “BOP Gold is more than just a venture; it’s our vision for the future of real estate. We are dedicated to setting new standards of excellence and innovation. By aligning with government initiatives and prioritising the needs of our customers, we aim to create a unique real estate experience that resonates with the aspirations of HNI investors.”

As for the long-term vision, BOP Gold aims to set new standards of excellence and innovation in the real estate sector. The venture aligns perfectly with the government’s planned and smart city initiatives, making it a strategic choice for HNI investors seeking a promising future.

About BOP : BOP.in is a leading name in the Indian real estate consultancy sector, dedicated to reshaping the way real estate is approached and managed. With over 15 years of experience, BOP.in has established itself as a trailblazer, offering a wide range of consultancy services to both realty developers and discerning consumers. With over 1.7 lac happy customers, the company’s dedication to staying ahead of market trends, harnessing technology, and providing tailored solutions has earned it a reputation as an industry leader.

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