July 16, 2024

“Those who were silent were “playing politics”, reacts Sibal at PM’s speech

Senior advocate Kapil Sibal said that those who were silent were playing politics

Senior advocate Kapil Sibal said that those who were silent were playing politics Image: @KapilSibal

Former senior congress member Kapil Sibal has reacted sharply to the speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who criticized the opposition and took a swipe at the congress party for being only interested in politics and not about the people of Manipur. 

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In a more than 2 hours speech, the PM spoke about various issues and assured the Manipur people that peace will soon be restored in the state. He highlighted several political and social issues in the northeast for which he blamed the politics of the Congress party and its leaders.

PM Modi also took a dig at the opposition alliance and blamed it for encouraging corruption and dynastic politics in the country.

Reacting to PM’s speech, Sibal said that those who were silent were the ones who were playing politics.     

Former telecom minister tweeted, “PM: Opposition “playing politics” over Manipur Not quite Remember, the Supreme Court suo motu expressed deep concern over violence against women. Said was “unacceptable in a constitutional democracy”. Not the opposition, but those who were silent were “playing politics”.

Sibal is one of those key congress members who left the congress party after the latter failed to revive despite losing some key elections.

He filed a nomination for the Rajya Sabha elections as an independent candidate with the support of the Samajwadi Party (SP) on 25 May 2022. 

SP chief Akhilesh Yadav had accompanied him while Sibal filed his nominations. After his nomination, Sibal revealed through a Tweet that he had resigned from the Indian National Congress on 16 May.

Being a senior advocate of the Supreme Court, Sibal has appeared in many high-profile cases. He is one of the most popular lawyers in India. Sibal has been vocal on several issues relating to the functioning of the party. After a victory in Karnataka, he advised his former party to win people’s hearts for the next five years.

Apart from Sibal, many senior congress politicians have either resigned or joined the ruling BJP party at the centre and state levels.

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