July 21, 2024
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Rahul attacks BJP as Irani accused Gandhi of misogyny

Image Source: Sansad TV

The Parliament witnessed an exchange of some heated arguments today between the ruling BJP party members and the opposition Congress. During a ‘No Confidence Motion’ debate, Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the BJP government for failing to establish peace in the northeastern state while referencing his meetings with some of the women victims. 

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Gandhi spoke at length about Manipur violence and said, “You have killed Mother India in Manipur. My one mom is sitting here and the other mother has been killed in Manipur. Indian army can bring peace in Manipur in one day but you are not using them. You want our soldiers to die.”. 

Responding to multiple allegations, Union Minister and BJP MP Smriti Irani accused Gandhi of misogyny and alleged that he blew a kiss towards the Treasury Benches in the House. Irani attacked the opposition alliance – I.N.D.I.A, and said, “You define corruption in India, you define incompetence in India. You are not India, for India is not corrupt. India believes in merit, and not dynasty. Today, of all days, people like you should remember what was told to the British: Quit India. Corruption quit India, dynasty quit India. Merit now finds a place in India.”

Rahul Gandhi spoke in the parliament today

Later in the day, Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Congress is responsible for multiple scams in the country. During the debate, he said, “UPA is responsible for the endless number of scams, so they had to change their name to INDIA.”

Home Minister Amit Shah also appealed to both communities in Manipur and asked them not to engage in violence and get dialogues for a solution. 

“I want to appeal to both Meitei, Kuki communities not to engage in violence; only dialogue can lead to solution,” Shah said.

He said that the Manipur incident should not be turned into a political issue. The cabinet minister said that he is ready to have a discussion but the opposition does not want the discussion.

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