April 20, 2024

BSP’s Akash Anand shares phone number for direct outreach

Akash Anand, designated as Mayawati's "political successor," provides a contact number for individuals to connect with him.

Akash Anand, designated as Mayawati's "political successor," provides a contact number for individuals to connect with him.

After being officially endorsed as the political heir by BSP President Mayawati, Akash Anand stepped into the limelight and actively engaged with the public on Thursday. Encouraging direct connections, he urged individuals to give a missed call to a specified phone number, as conveyed in a message on X. Mr. Anand, serving as the national coordinator of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), stated, “To participate in this mission, simply give a missed call on 9911278181 and connect with me directly.” The post included the rallying cry, “Mere sath chale, BSP se judey (Walk along with me, join the BSP).”

When it comes to education, Anand holds an MBA degree from a prestigious London college and has worked in the corporate sector before entering politics. He is seen as a modern and forward-thinking leader who can appeal to younger voters. Anand’s rise to prominence has been meteoric. In 2019, he was appointed the BSP’s national coordinator, a key position responsible for the party’s organizational structure. In December 2023, Mayawati declared him her political heir, making him the frontrunner to succeed her as party president.

Recently, Mayawati, during an all-India meeting of the BSP in Lucknow, formally declared her nephew, Anand, as her political successor. While urging party members to strengthen the organization for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha polls, Mayawati did not explicitly mention Anand’s succession.

Confirmation of Anand’s designation as the successor came from Udayveer Singh, the chief of BSP’s Shahjahanpur district unit, who informed reporters that “Anand has been declared as the ‘uttaradhikari’ (successor) by Mayawatiji” during the meeting.

Moreover, Anand cautioned against the influence of “sycophants” and those pushing agendas through social media. He called on people to prepare for the fight, standing united with Mayawati. Emphasizing the BSP’s objective of achieving 50% youth participation, he invited individuals to join by giving a missed call, ensuring personal contact.

In a post on his social media channel X, Anand underscored the importance of organization in fighting for rights and fostering social change. He encouraged people to join the mission by giving a missed call and connecting with him directly. An accompanying video clip featured Anand expressing the party’s dedication to safeguarding the Constitution and democracy, highlighting the BSP’s status as the third-largest national party.

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