April 20, 2024

India-US Friendship: Biden arrives in Delhi for G20 summit

US President Joe Biden arrived in Delhi for the G20 summit

US President Joe Biden arrived in Delhi for the G20 summit

US President Joe Biden arrived in Delhi today, for the G20 summit. He was welcomed by Minister of State of Road Transport and Highways of India VK Singh. Biden is also expected to use the summit to strengthen ties with India. India is a rising power in the region, and Biden sees it as a key partner in addressing the challenges facing the world. He is expected to discuss ways to increase cooperation between the two countries on issues such as security, trade, and climate change.

The G20 summit is a major opportunity for India to demonstrate its leadership position on the world stage. Today all countries need to work together to find common ground on the issues facing the world, and India is making efforts to build consensus on how to address these issues. 

President Biden wrote on his X account, “I’m headed to the G20 – the premier forum for international economic cooperation – focused on making progress on Americans’ priorities, delivering for developing nations, and showing our commitment to the G20 as a forum that can deliver.”

The story could be developed further by exploring the specific issues that President Biden and PM Modi discussed in their bilateral meeting. It could also discuss the challenges that the G20 countries face in addressing the war in Ukraine and other global issues. The story could also explore the potential for the United States and India to strengthen their ties in the years to come.

The G20 countries are divided on how to respond to the war, with some countries, such as the United States and the European Union, imposing sanctions on Russia, while others, such as India have kept a neutral position and supported a peaceful resolution.

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