April 21, 2024

Govt reduces LPG cylinders price, announces more benefits for Ujjwala beneficiaries 

Govt. approves Rs 200 reduction on all domestic LPG cylinders

Govt. approves Rs 200 reduction on all domestic LPG cylinders

The BJP government on Tuesday slashed the price of domestic LPG cylinders by Rs 200 per cylinder. This is the first reduction in LPG prices since May 2022. After the reduction, LPG cylinders will come down to Rs 903 in Delhi.

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas informs through its X post, “Govt. approves Rs 200 reduction for all domestic #LPG consumers today. Rs 200 additional #PMUY subsidy has been sanctioned. Also, 75 lakh more PMUY connections to be provided.”

The price cut is being seen as a pre-election sop by the BJP government. Assembly elections are due in five states later this year and the Lok Sabha elections are scheduled to be held next year. The government has also announced that it will provide an additional 75 lakh LPG connections under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY). The PMUY is a government scheme that provides free LPG connections to poor households.

The reduction in LPG prices is likely to provide a major relief, as cooking gas is a major household expense for the majority of the people in India. However, it is unclear how long the price cut will last, as international crude oil prices are volatile.

The BJP government has been facing criticism for rising fuel prices in recent months. The price of petrol and diesel has also been increased several times this year. The government has said that it is trying to balance the interests of consumers and producers while taking into account the international situation.

The LPG price cut is likely to be seen as a positive step by the government, but it remains to be seen how long it will sustain the price reduction.

Here are some additional details about the LPG price cut:

  • The price cut is applicable to all domestic LPG cylinders, including those under the PMUY.
  • The price cut will come into effect from Wednesday, August 30.
  • The government has said that the price cut is being implemented in view of the current economic situation and the rising cost of living.
  • The price cut will likely benefit around 33 crore domestic LPG consumers in India.

The government will need to carefully monitor the international crude oil prices to see if they continue to decline. If the prices start to rise again, the government may have to increase the price of LPG.

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