April 21, 2024

Female Cheetah found dead in Kuno National Park. Death toll now reaches nine

A female cheetah was found dead in MP’s Kuno National Park.

A female cheetah was found dead in MP's Kuno National Park.

The death toll of Cheetahs now reaches nine.

A female Cheetah was found dead on Wednesday morning in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park, taking the death toll to nine. This is truly sad news for officials working on this project as in March this year, KNP official Twitter account shared news of four cubs born to one of the cheetahs translocated to India on Sep. 22 from Namibia.

These deaths are now raising concerns among experts about the survival of speed king in the new environment. Relocation of animal species often leads to many challenges. However, attempts are being made in India to ensure the successful flourishing of the Cheetah population in the country.

Besides India, Iran is the only country in Asia where Cheetahs are currently found.

A post-mortem will be conducted to assess the reason for this death. According to reports, other Cheetahs are regularly monitored by the team comprising KNP officials and experts from Namibia from where these Cheetahs were relocated to India.

Some experts said that radio collars could be the reason for these deaths. The wildlife chief warden was transferred in July after a meeting in Delhi.

The Union Environment Ministry has already made a statement in the Rajya Sabha saying that the deaths happened due to natural reasons and there is no scientific evidence that radio collars could be the reason for Cheetahs’ death.

In May, the Supreme Court raised serious concerns and suggested the centre to explore alternate habitats for Cheetahs in other states.

Out of 24 Cheetahs, nine have died including three cubs owing to different ailments.

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