July 16, 2024

Viral News: AOA member stops small kids using lifts in Panchsheel Greens society

Panchsheel Greens society AOA member stopped kids using lift in the B2 tower

Panchsheel Greens society AOA member stopped kids using lift in the B2 tower

An AoA (Apartment Owners Association) member sparked a dispute in the Panchsheel Greens 1 society in Greater Noida West when he stopped small kids from using the B2 tower lift and argued with parents who came to drop their kids at the school located in the tower.

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This is not the first time when this dispute has occurred. Previously also many parents living in different towers of the society have said that B2 tower residents are creating problems in the running of this playschool and the society AoA and its members are supporting some residents who do not want kids to use lifts and want parents’ identity card to enter the society.

In a viral video shared on the social media channel, it can be seen how AoA member Vipin Tonk is having an argument with the parents of kids who come to study in the playschool at the tower. He can be seen preventing parents and others from entering the lift and arguing with residents of other towers within the society.

Early morning school was a horrifying experience for kids studying in the playschool of B2 tower in Panchsheel Greens 1 society as parents felt that it was a ‘shameful act’ by the AOA member.

One resident living in the society said, “This is totally unacceptable. Just because he lives in a bigger flat and is an AoA member he will make his own rules and prevent small kids from using lifts. This tower is also part of the society and he is not supposed to make these weird rules.”

Many residents condemned this incident and reached the Cherry Country police station and reported the incident. The police released its statement saying that the dispute occurred after the tower residents asked the school administration to vacate the school and shift somewhere else as it is not legal to run a commercial activity in the society. Police said that the school administration was earlier asked to vacate the school by the tower residents. However, the police took note of this incident in which this member prevented kids and their parents from entering lifts and followed the due process of law in this matter.

After seeing the issue going out of hand, the AOA members decided to suspend Vipin Tonk temporarily from his position in a letter issued today and asked him to explain his reasons for this incident.

In the absence of clear rules from the AoA, such disputes are commonplace in Noida and Greater Noida housing societies. It has been seen that commercial activities are banned in high-rise residential societies but bylaws can allow essential services like playschool or other activities to facilitate residents. Some residents are in favor of these playschools within the society as they are affordable and parents do not need to travel far off to take their small kids to playschool. However, some believe that these commercial activities only create a nuisance and often lead to security and other issues in society.

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