April 20, 2024

Play schools spur disputes in Panchsheel Greens society of Greater Noida West

Residents gathered near B2 tower. Police was called to pacify the situation

Play School has become a bone of contention among residents in Panchsheel Greens society in Greater Noida West. On Tuesday when parents with their toddlers reached the B2 tower of the society, some residents protested and said that they cannot allow a commercial activity in their tower. This led to a dispute among residents and heated arguments were exchanged among residents. Panchsheel Greens AOA is said to have given a notice to the school administration to vacate the school within a month’s time.

Residents living in B2 tower of the society said that there are two play schools running in their tower. These play schools keep tower lifts occupied in the morning due to which many office goers have to wait longer for lifts. Some senior citizens also alleged that they keep waiting longer to be able to use lifts when they go out for a walk in the morning. Since many kids come with their parents so tower residents are unable to make use of the lifts despite paying the highest per flat maintenance cost.

On the other hand, residents whose kids go to these play schools expressed surprise and said that in the middle of the session – “Where will our kids go”. They have no other options to shift school and these kids are very small so cannot be taken too far from society for primary education.

One of the residents living in the society, Mimic Zadoo, said, “We can’t shut down play schools like this. Most of the kids who come to these schools are less than 3 years old. Where will you take these kids if all play schools are shut in society? Shall we go outside the society to play schools? AOA is only favoring B2 tower residents and ignored our concerns. Every other society has these play schools and many people who live here have nuclear families and both husbands and wives are working. They leave their kids to these daycares within their society to keep them safe.”

Mimic further adds, “Why can’t Panchsheel AOA send a notice to the owner of the flat who has rented out his flat to this school? They are targeting the school and asking us to shut it down. Because of safety reasons, we want to send our kids to daycares within the society premises.”

According to a legal expert, Subham Singh, “Playschool is a commercial activity. It can be allowed only when the AOA bylaws permit it in society with certain rules and regulations. According to the law now, only CA, yoga teachers, and lawyers are only allowed to have their offices in a housing society. Some residents alleged that Panchsheel AOA has no clarity on the issue as there are other play schools also running in other towers of the society as well. Play schools can function if AOA allows it with certain rules in the society bylaws.”

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