April 20, 2024

Countdown begins: Delhi gears up for G20 summit

Delhi to host the G20 summit

Delhi to host the G20 summit (PIB)

Delhi is gearing up for the upcoming G20 Leaders’ Summit, which will be held on September 9-10 at the Bharat Mandapam International Exhibition-Convention Centre (IECC) in Pragati Maidan. The summit will bring together leaders from the world’s 20 largest economies to discuss a range of global issues, including the economy, climate change, and terrorism.

In preparation for the summit, the Indian government has been working on a number of fronts, including security, transportation, accommodation, publicity and outreach, cultural events, and sustainability.


Security is a top priority for the Indian government, and a massive security apparatus is being put in place for the summit. Thousands of security personnel, including police, commandos, and intelligence agents, will be deployed to protect the visiting leaders.

The IECC has been fitted with state-of-the-art security features, including bulletproof glass, metal detectors, and CCTV cameras. The airspace around the venue will also be restricted during the summit.

In addition to the security at the IECC, the Indian government is also working to secure the city of Delhi as a whole. Road closures and traffic restrictions will be in place around the summit venue, and public transportation will be augmented to accommodate the increased demand.


The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has also announced that it will run special trains and extend operating hours during the summit. This will help to ensure that people can get around the city easily, even with road closures and traffic restrictions in place.

The Indian government is also working to ensure that the summit does not disrupt the city’s tourism industry. A number of hotels in Delhi have been booked to accommodate the visiting leaders and delegates, and the government is working to ensure that these hotels are properly secured.


According to some reports, a total of 35 hotels in Delhi have been booked to accommodate the visiting leaders and delegates. The hotels have been given a security makeover, and their staff have been trained on how to deal with VIP guests.

The Indian government has also set up a dedicated helpline for foreign guests, and a website has been launched to provide information about the summit. This will help to ensure that foreign guests have a smooth and enjoyable experience in Delhi.

Publicity and outreach

The government is working to raise awareness of the summit among the Indian public and to promote India as a global economic power. A number of publicity campaigns will be launched in the lead-up to the summit, and the government is also working with the media to ensure that the summit receives extensive coverage.

Cultural events

A number of cultural events will be held in Delhi during the summit to showcase India’s rich culture and heritage. These events will be open to the public, and will provide an opportunity for people from all over the world to experience Indian culture.


The government is committed to making the summit a sustainable event, and is working to reduce its environmental impact. This includes measures such as using renewable energy, reducing waste, and promoting public transportation.

The G20 Leaders’ Summit is a major opportunity for India to showcase its strengths on the global stage. The Indian government is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the summit is a success.

The summit is expected to bring in billions of dollars of investment into India, and will help to boost the country’s economy. It will also help to raise India’s profile on the global stage and showcase its strengths as a global economic power.

The government is confident that the G20 Leaders’ Summit will be a success, and that it will help to put India on the map as a major player in the global economy.

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