April 20, 2024

Delhi all set to welcome world leaders for G-20 Summit

Delhi is beautified across places to welcome guests from several countries in the world.

Delhi is beautified across places to welcome guests from several countries in the world. (Images - PIB)

All preparations are now made to welcome world leaders from the top 20 countries for the G-20 summit to be held in New Delhi from 8-10th September. Delhi is holding such a large-scale event for the first time since the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

Both the central and state government authorities are deployed to ensure the beautification and installation of statues to make the capital welcome guests from several countries and project India as a great host for such big international events.   

Ahead of the event, outer areas of Rajghat have been beautified like other major locations and roundabouts in Delhi. In Bharat Mandapam, the installation of ‘Shiva – Nataraja’ has been done. The 27-ft Nataraja figure weighing around 20 tons has been crafted in traditional casting methods made of Ashta-dhatu. 

The Shiva Nataraja, the Lord of dance, installed in front of Bharat Mandapam, at the time of the G20 Presidency, is the tallest bronze icon of Nataraja.

Earlier, the principal secretary took a review of the traffic situation and advised the administration to provide adequate information to the common people about the alternative arrangements so that they have no difficulty. The arrangements at Delhi airport were also reviewed especially in terms of facilities made for welcoming the guests.   

The technical area of the Airforce station, Palam was reviewed as it is an important space where aircrafts of the head of states will be arriving. Parking of the aircrafts, reception of the head of States, lounges, and other facilities have been prepared. Emergency medical facilities have also been set up in the technical airport area.

A massive beautification drive has been in Delhi which has led to a greater ambiance of the City. The structures which had fallen into disuse have been renovated. Apart from the cleanliness drive, many eye-catching water fountains have been installed.  A large number of statues and posters have been put up across the city showing the diversity of the country which have emerged as visual delight for commuters and visitors. The national flags of G-20 countries are displayed at important places and even the statues of national animals of G-20 countries are installed. 

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